Tuesday after class, my econ group came to the apartment so that we could work on our group project. We got it all finished that night, and it wasn’t even due until Thursday! It felt so nice getting an assignment done early; I felt very accomplished. It’s funny how good it feels to not procrastinate, and yet I still put things off. I need to remember how getting something done early feels, haha. It’s like other goods things: exercising, going to sleep early, reading your Bible, cleaning, getting something off your chest, telling the truth… They all feel so good when we actually do them, but often times we’re hesitant to because it’s inconvenient or scary or too “hard.” If we would just remember how good it feels to not procrastinate, etc., we’d do it all the time.

But that might just be it. We need to have only a few of those “good” moments so that we don’t take them for granted. Because if suddenly we started doing everything right, we might forget what it felt like when we did things wrong, and then bad things could happen. Or something.

Yesterday was my last day of econ classes. Now, as long as I pass them with decent grades, then I am finished with econ. FOREVER. Next quarter I’m only taking classes because I need units, and so it should be a very good quarter. As much as I complain about my major, I’m glad that it is what it is. I was thinking the other day, that if, before transferring, I had switched my major to something wonderful, like communication, sociology, or psychology, I probably wouldn’t have come to UCSB. I probably would’ve gone to Davis, since the only reason I ruled Davis out of my options when I was ready to transfer was because there I would’ve been a Managerial Econ major instead of a Business Econ major. And then when it was between UCI and UCSB, I liked UCSB’s business econ program better than UCI’s, and the fact that UCSB is stinkin beautiful was just an added bonus. So if things had been different, I probably would have never come here and I probably would have never met the people that I did meet.

I always wonder what my life or my friends’ lives would be like had we never met. Who would “replace” me in our group? Would they be friends with each other? Would I have friends? Haha. It’s weird to think about the people in the world who could potentially be your best friend ever. We meet certain people because of circumstances that we’re put in. We’re born into a certain family, there are specific people in the classes we take, and we are put into situations with people, and not others. What about all of the other people who we will never cross paths with? So much untapped potential… Haha.

Anyway, that’s that. I’m still very proud of my early econ group project. I’m proud of the graphs I made for the write-up, too.

Very proud. Lol.

Happy Friday! Happy End-of-Winter-Quarter! Bring it on, finals!

One thought on “Econ

  1. ah i liked how you mentioned telling the truth in that list of good things we procrastinate. now i want to procrasticlean, but i'm at your house, so that's not gonna happen.
    well, im glad you chose bus.econ. and im really glad we're friends.
    and good job on the graphs! they're so organized haha i like it. well, i better get out of your living rm and start studying…

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