"Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?"

This weekend was pretty great. From getting an early start to Simi, from having to pee 50 billion times, to the mugs that Christine and I bought at Starbucks, to my crappy sandwich from Togo’s and me being a grumpy for a little while, to us watching the Grace Brethren Talent Show even though we didn’t know anyone in it, to ALICE, to being boring and hanging around and doing nothing, to our own mini talent show, to “Bring Your Daughter + Friends To Work Day,” to Beverly Hills + Rodeo, to walking around in the rain without umbrellas, to Hollywood + Highland, to the Alice-ed out Hot Topic Store, to my Red Queen blanket, to CPK with the ALICE freaks, to being oh-so-very full, to Diddy Riese, to Cornerstone without Francis Chan, to doing homework in the “library”/Wulff dining room, to Target times, to Thanksgiving Dinner in March, to discovering that I accidentally brought Pilates instead of Ellen, to watching Ellen on Summer’s laptop connected to the TV with very low sound, to the drive home with all my imaginary tweets, to getting home and going straight to bed. That was the weekend–one big, run-on sentence.
Then yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to work, then came home and waited for Christine so that we could go to Mika for $2 sushi. Turns out only select hand rolls are $1.99, not any hand roll as their sign states. But it was still good. Then we went to Border’s and hung around there and bought books. I don’t think we can go into a book store and not buy a book. I was reminded that libraries exist, and I should definitely take advantage of them. There’s just something about actually owning a book that I like so much, though. But I really need to stop spending money on books, lol. At least until I get a real job or something. Then we went to Albertson’s for ONLY milk, and cereal for me, then back to the apartment. Then Rachael and Karen came over for our Bible study hang out night. Rachael brought a cake-like meringue which was wonderful, and the best strawberries ever. I am definitely going to Farmer’s Market on Sunday to get some of those strawberries. Man. I have to stop thinking about them for now though.
It’s Dead Week. Ugh. I’m in the library right now with Anna-Marie, intending to get work done. I have a homework assignment that’s due tomorrow, which I’ve half-way done. And a group project due Thursday. My group’s going to meet today after class, so hopefully we can get the write-up down so that we don’t have to worry about it tomorrow night. Thursday is our bi-monthly lunch with Annika, and then home group that night. Then Friday I have to go to a work meeting from 1:15 to 2:15, then Adorn. I’ve been studying for the CSET because I thought that I was going to be taking it this Saturday, but I just checked right now and saw that it’s scheduled for May 8. Now I remember changing it to that day so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it the week before finals. Haha, man. I wish I had remembered that earlier. So it’s like a bittersweet relief, lol. This is the first time I’ve ever started studying for something so early. But it was on accident, so I don’t think that it counts. Haha man. Ok good, so now I can focus on finals. Then Spring Break! Woo!! I still can’t believe that I forgot about rescheduling the CSET. Where the heck is my head? “Off with her head!” Haha. Oh Red Queen, you’re so great.
Well, now that I’ve thoroughly procrastinated, and now that all of this info about my weekend and all that I need to get done this week is out of my head, it is time to get to work. I am very determined and motivated right now, so that’s good.

2 thoughts on “"Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?"

  1. oh i really liked that run-on sentence. It captured the weekend quite well. <3

    I LOVE ALICE AHHHH! those pics are so great. Let me stare at them a little more.

  2. oh my, i liked this post a lot. especially the weekend recap. and like i said on summer's blog, i like how you listed things i forgot, too. it really rounds out the entire time.
    good thing you wrote abt our lunch! i completely forgot to schedule that in. oops!
    i like how all our weekend posts end with “gotta study now.” lol

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