This cold needs to go away now. I’m so phlegmy/mucusey. But not slimey, haha. And my hands are all clammy. And my nose and feet are freezing. And my throat is sore. Sorry for the gross-ness. But it’s the truth. Stupid cold. Haha, ugh.

Today was my last day in my field placement. The teacher I was with said that she was very impressed with me when I taught my lesson, and that I should keep the possibility of teaching in my mind, since I would be good at it from what she has seen. That was nice to hear, since one of the reasons I did this field placement was to see if I would like teaching and if I would be good at it. I had to park under the pole today though. I try to avoid parking under poles and when I came out, my car had the bird poop stains to show why. But the parking lot was so crowded today that I had no other choice…

I am very excited for the end of this quarter. It’s all winding down fairly quickly. I have to leave for class soon, and then I’ll be off to home group. Oh how I love my home group so much. And then I’m going to go watch The Office at Christine’s tonight. The Halpert baby is coming!!!!! I am very excited. Haha, funny how a show can do that to you… Then tomorrow I have to go exchange a sweater at Nordstrom’s downtown. I bought it a few weekends ago when I went home home, but then I found a hole in it. I hate exchanging things. It’s too confrontational, lol. Anyway, after that, I’ll be off for a wonderfunly wonderland weekend. (Man, do I like alliteration!) Very excited for that.

On Monday, Gaby, Christine, and I went to Kmart to get some (now that’s an understatement…) snacks, since we were going to watch The Princess and the Frog at IV Theatre. I decided to buy a Jones Pure Cane Soda, mainly because it came in a cool-looking bottle, lol. Yeah, I’m easy to please.

Gaby said that apparently you can throw these bottles as hard as you want and they won’t ever break. You better believe that I’m testing that one out. I’ll let you know…

Watching The Princess and the Frog for the second time only reminded me how much I just love Disney. And Prince Naveen is definitely my favorite Disney Prince, for so many reasons, which I’ll get into some other time, because it can probably be a whole blog of it’s own. Oh the many analytically delightful Disney discussions (there’s that alliteration again) we’ve had…

“It’s not slime–it’s mucus!!!!” -Prince Naveen and Tiana, at different times, The Princess and the Frog

One thought on “Phlegm

  1. this all feels so long ago now, but im glad of the memory.
    i like that princess & the frog picture, i think i'll add it to my background wallpaper queue. done and done.
    and have you cracked that bottle yet?
    also, i'm going to put off watching the office until next week when i dont have so many things to do. you're welcome to join.

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