Today I have come to accept that I have a cold. My right nostril is both runny and stuffy at the same time. So annoying. Sleeping is not a very comfortable thing. Anything that messes with sleep is bad. Stupid cold. Geez. My decongestant vaporizing ointment is not working too well, too.

So since I have a cold, I decided that I am in desperate need of green food, so I went to Romaine’s today to get a salad. After I had served the spring greens mix, I noticed a sign that said that since it is organic and not sprayed with any pesticides, there may be little bugs in my leaves. I wish I had seen that sign before I had served the salad. I ate it anyway, though. But that got me thinking–what would happen if I had eaten a bunch of tiny bugs? For all I know, I ate at least two of them today. It’s probably better that we eat bugs, though, since they out number us by something crazy, like one hundred million to one. Extra protein? Haha. I also noticed that the cucumbers were very thinly sliced, and that made me wonder what it would be like to just eat a whole cucumber, without slicing it up or anything. I think I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know. And as much as I like raw broccoli, sometimes it smells like feet. Which made me think of Ross: “This tastes like feet!” Haha.

My purse strap broke this morning. My purse came crashing to the floor, whilst I was in the elevator. So I had to walk around holding my purse all funny. It’s a miracle that I didn’t drop anything or fall or something. That was a high for today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to do after graduation, as I should be, since that’s coming up in 101 days. I was talking to my ed professor about it last week, and he saw me today and asked me about it. He said that taking it a little at a time, as I’ve been doing, is how you’re supposed to do it. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Those were his words of wisdom, haha. I like him.

And with that, another elephant joke: “How do you catch an elephant? You don’t, you catch a cold.”

Stupid cold.

One thought on “Cold

  1. i like how you've been wrapping these blogs back up to the beginning. like a good stand-up comedian does. good job, rae rae. lol
    i was like 101? 102!!! but i forgot, i'm graduating sunday and you're graduating saturday…eck
    i'm going to pack now bc im not sure if i'll have time to do it tomorrow…see you after hgroup!
    get well soon!

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