Nothing like a little barbecue sauce to fool yourself into thinking that your non-barbecued chicken is in fact barbecued. I always fear that my chicken is going to be undercooked, so I usually end up overcooking, subconsciously to be safe. And I’m always scared that it’s going to be too seasoned or something, so I usually end up leaving it plain, which is fine with me, because I like plain stuff anyway, but still. Haha. Oh cooking…

Speaking of fears, the other day, an animal trainer at Sea World in Orlando, FL was killed by a killer whale, DURING A SHOW. (Click the word ‘killed’ and read the article yourself!) Everybody always laughed at me when I told them that I was scared of whales. I knew that they were evil. I’m also scared of rogue waves. Let me lay it out here. Now imagine that you are on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly, a huge rogue wave hits the ship and turns it over. Now, you’re lucky enough to make your way out of the overturned ship, so you’re underwater, under the huge ship. Somehow, you’re able to swim your way out from under the huge ship, so you can see the surface. It’s far away, but you can see it. You know you’re going to make it. You have to tell yourself that, because you can barely hold your breath as it is. So you’re making your way up to the surface, when suddenly, a huge whale gets in your way. The whale is blocking your way to the surface, and so not only are you already running out of air, but now you’re scared that the whale is going to either 1-eat you, or 2-stay in your way, preventing you from getting to the surface. And that’s the fear. I know it sounds irrational, and that the odds of a rogue wave hitting your cruise ship AND of a whale getting in your way are very, very low. But still. I can’t help it. I’ve had nightmares that I’m drowning, and huge, scary whales are always in the way. Let’s just say you won’t be finding me on any cruises…

I’ve also realized that I don’t like taking risks. I like to stay in my comfort zone with familiar things that I know will go ok. I guess it isn’t always necessarily bad, but it does mean that I keep myself from trying new things that may or may not be good. That’s too bad that I’m like that though, because there are so many risks that we have to take in life. Getting a job, applying to grad school, getting married, having kids… to name a few. Eck. In economic terms, I am risk-averse. Someone who is risk-loving is exactly what it sounds like–someone who loves risks. And then there’s risk-neutral. Maybe I should aim towards being more risk-neutral. I don’t think I’ll ever be risk-loving. That’s why I don’t like gambling, or competition lol.

I don’t even take risks in my cooking. That’s why my food is always plain. I took a risk using barbecue sauce today, haha. It was honey barbecue though, so it was good. I didn’t realize there were so many barbecue flavors: hickory, mesquite, honey, and spicy-hot. I think I only like honey flavor lol. That seems risk-neutral enough for now.

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