The Fort

Oh the first of the month, how I love you. Today is just such a good day, and for no reason in particular, which is the very reason why it’s such a good day. Just because.

I pretty much did a summary of my February in my last post, but the rest of February was pretty great, too. Thursday I taught a lesson on mean, median, mode, and range to the 7th grade pre-algebra class that I’ve been doing my field placement with. It was actually pretty fun. I like being in a position of authority, haha. After that, Christine, Annika, and I met for our second lunch of the month. This every-other-week thing is really working well, haha. Then that night was the first day of home groups! It was so great seeing everyone again, and meeting a few new people. I love my home group so much. The next day, Annika dropped off a CSET study book that she’s letting me borrow, which is a good thing, too, coz I definitely need to review for it. I covered someone’s evening kiosk shift at work, so I used that time to look through it. I’m taking the CSET in a little less than two weeks, so I’m glad that I have that book. Friday night we went to Adorn, and then Christine and I hung out with Summer in her room and had ourselves a little adventure with the rain and ice cream and Summer’s massage sandals, haha. On Saturday I just hung around my apartment, watched The Proposal with Gaby, and waited for Christine to come back to me. She brought the granola, which is always a good thing. Home-made granola really is the best. I’m never going to buy already-made granola. Psshh.

Yesterday, after church, Christine and I hung around here, watching the rest of season three and beginning of season four of Lost (mostly me) and reading magazines and readers for school (just Christine.) After that, we were pretty tired of TV (and of reading, I’m sure), so we weren’t sure what to do. It was already pretty late, so we couldn’t really do anything outside, and we weren’t hungry and didn’t want to spend money, so that really left us with nothing. Gaby was working on a group project, Shea was working on an assignment, Ashley wasn’t here yet, and Summer was at her house reading for school. So we made a fort. And played in there. For about 1 and 1/2 hours. It kind of reminded me of a time last year when the power went out, so Gaby and I brought her mattress into my room, and she, Erandy, and I all laid on the floor in the dark, reading Kokology by flash light.

The Fort
 The Entrance
 Shea took a break and discovered The Fort
 Us in The Fort

So that was pretty great. The Fort activities included taking pictures, singing, listening to my Woodwick candle burn, hiding, gardening gloves, and making Facebook videos. Future alternative Fort activities may include coloring, eating ice cream, drinking wine, watching Friends or Lost, and taking naps.

Once we were done in The Fort, we made a trip to Albertson’s for some supplies and headed on over to Summer’s to free her from her prison of productivity. We spent the majority of the time playing Egyptian Rat Slap, haha. Overall, it was a very nice end to the night, and to the month of February.

Speaking of rats, did you know that a group of rats is called a mischief? Kind of funny. No wonder they have such bad reputations. Poor little rats. If I were a rat, I would want to be like Remy from Ratatouille, and surprise everyone with some random skill that nobody would expect a rat to have. Rachel the Rat has a nice ring, even. But if I did wake up and find that I had become a rat, I would probably hide in a fort.

2 thoughts on “The Fort

  1. i like the rats-mischief thing. a group of ravens is an unkindness. and a group of apes is a shrewdness. i wonder how these group names came about? also i like our fort documentation. but we need a fort name and a password so that shea cant find us again. lol

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