So I’ve been sitting at my desk eating carrot sticks. It’s true what Summer says–you can just eat and eat and eat ’em and not even notice how many carrots you’re consuming lol. I was looking at random facts about carrots, and found that the Ancient Greeks believed that carrots made people more amorous, which is kind of funny, considering that Hippocrates recommended that women eat carrot seeds to prevent pregnancy. Oh the mysteries of carrots…

Random fun tidbits from this month:

-Walking right into the women’s bathroom at the Orpheum in LA for the Mark Driscoll conference and seeing a bunch of guys standing in line waiting for the men’s

-Accidentally taking a nap at Christine’s the next night

-Helping make homemade granola the next morning

-Going home this past weekend and seeing Fiddler on the Roof at the Golden Gate Theater

-Weekly hang out nights with Christine and Summer

-Bi-monthly lunch with Annika and Christine

-Home group starting again tomorrow night

-Forgetting that I didn’t have class yesterday, but going anyway and sitting in the classroom alone, whilst writing Summer a letter

-Finding out that I passed the CBEST

-Trader Joe’s mini chocolate chip cookies, Rachael’s chocolate chip ice-cream, and Karen’s chocolate chip cookies at Bible study, haha

-Watching New Moon at IV Theatre

Oh February, you’ve been good to me. What I like best about February, is that since it has 28 days, February 1 and March 1 are always on the same day. So if February 13 was on a Saturday (it was), you know that March 13 will be a Saturday. It’s only ruined when February has 29 days, but since it only happens every four years, I can deal.

I don’t know why I like the first of the month so much, but whenever it starts to be this late in the month, I get anxious for the first. I already changed my calendar white board to March, lol. Something about clean slates or something. Which is why my calendar is on a white board, I guess. Haha. That’s another reason to like the month of February–it’s shorter. Yeah I’m weird.

Summer just used a very good word: crisp. I like that word a lot. Speaking of crisp, what the heck happened to crispy M&M’s???? Those were the best. I even made a screen name about them. They came out when I was in middle school, and that’s what you did. You made screen names about the things you loved. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that…

Fun fact about M&M’s: “M&M’s owe their success to the United States military, which was hungry for a candy that could hold up in G.I.’s pockets and backpacks and could be eaten without their trigger fingers getting sticky.”Who Knew?, David Hoffman

I guess that’s why their slogan is “The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

The orange M&M was the mascot for crispy M&M’s. I like the color orange. Maybe that’s why I like carrots.

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