"If Grace Is An Ocean, We’re All Sinking…"

So I’ve been researching different gifts of the Spirit, primarily the gifts of empathy and mercy, and I gotta tell you, this gift of empathy thing can be pretty tiring. Nobody has to tell you how they’re feeling; you can just feel it yourself, almost as if it’s being transferred from them to you, and then people look at you like you’re a crazy because you’re the only one bawling when you probably shouldn’t be. Haha. It’s like being an empty bucket that’s been placed under somebody else’s rainstorm.

And I have to say, it’s been kinda tough reconciling all of that with the Lord. I didn’t fully realize it, but I have been asking God why He’s been doing certain things. Like, if He really did love me, He wouldn’t have done this. Which I know is silly. Of course He loves me. He sent His beloved son to take my place. It was nice to be reminded of that this weekend. Of how much He really does love me, and how much He wants me to know it. So this weekend was good because He’s been showing me that He wants (and needs) to comfort me.

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