First Week

I am so tired. It’s only the third day of the quarter, too. Well let’s see, what has been going on… Saturday night I got back from home home at about 6:30 to an empty apartment, and had a lovely evening eating some pizza, listening to some Colbie, and unpacking. Sunday, Lauren and Leanna rode with me to church, and later that day some home group people (and friends, haha) came over here to hang out and say bye to Michelle. It was pretty stinkin fun. We ate pizza, courtesy of Will, and played Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, and Fish Bowl. Then Monday, I had a double shift of work. I thought I’d be in the kiosk, since that’s what I had signed up for, but as it turned out, I had to work the petition shift, which meant I got to sit at a table in the Arbor from 10:15 AM-3:45 PM ish and try to get people to sign the parking petition. Then yesterday, I had lot survey from 6:30-10:45 AM. I had no idea what I had to do for lot survey. Turns out, we just have to count all the cars in the different San Clemente parking lots every hour. I have to say, I like this job. Then I had my first day of classes, although I technically only had one, since the first one I went to, I was pretty sure I was going to drop it, and going to it verified that, and then my last one got canceled since the professor had travel issues. Then I went over to the Bella Rouge and hung out. We got Javan’s and some creepy old men were trying to give us free tutoring hours, lol. It was just a great night though, spending time in Summer’s room/bat cave. Haha. Then today I had class from 8:30-11:50 AM (and yes, the class lasted for the whole time). That’s definitely going to be an easy class, just long. It really makes me want a Mac though, because since it’s Technology Tools for Teachers, and teachers use Macs, that’s all we do in class, is learn how to do stuff on it. Man. I feel like such a traitor though. I never thought I would ever, ever like a Mac. Haha. Then, I didn’t have class until 2, so I had my plan for what I would do with that break, but instead I went and worked for a little bit. I got to drive one of the trucks, which I have to say, was pretty exciting. I’m not sure why, but it was. So then I went to class for two hours. After that I went and got my key card/badge for work, so now I can get into the TPS building, which is cool. And now here I am. I’d like to go straight to bed, but I really should do some reading instead, so I think I’m going to attempt to be a good student for at the very least, the first week of school, and then call it a night. And then tomorrow, I have work, then class, and then Real Life. Then Friday is work, cooking dinner with Christine, and Adorn. Phew. And that will end our first week of January. Next week I’ll be learning about my first state for the year and turning 22.

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