The other day we were all trying to remember what we had done for New Year’s Eve every year since college, and I could not remember what I did freshmen year. So finally I went looking through my Xanga, my blog that I used during high school and for a little bit of CSM. Anyway, the point is that I’m glad that I used to blog because I really like being able to look back and read about everything. So even though it’s kinda cheesy, I need to do a nice little recap of 2009.

I started 2009 in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Our trip to Florida last year was definitely my favorite vacation. The beginning of January involved flying from Miami to Denver, then from Denver to SFO. Then I had my nice 5 1/2 hour drive back from South City to Goleta. And winter quarter began. This was when I discovered just how much of a bad idea an 8 AM class during winter quarter is. This was the month that Kristen and I rode with Dayna and Coleman to SLO so that we could go line dancing at the Grad for Kenny’s birthday. Then was my 21st birthday, and my Bible study surprised me with decorating Summer and Kristen’s apartment, signing a big black board for me, Leanna’s lemon bars, and everyone going around and sharing what they like about me. That was wonderful. I think the best part was that everyone got there extra early because they all knew that I’d be early, which I was, haha. Then back at my apartment we watched Battle Royale and drank margaritas. Not really the best combination, but at least now I have a better understanding that I do NOT like scary/horror movies. Eck. Then that Saturday, Sarah and Kat drove up from Irvine and spent the day with me. That was nice. It’s so weird how I can remember all these things perfectly right now, as if they happened last week and not last year. Oh, memories. Anyway, then was Winter Retreat. Driving up with Tiffany, Krystin, Christine, and Lina, and staying in the cabin and playing in the snow and sledding and falling off the sled and sliding down the hill and going to Yosemite and re-enacting Twilight scenes and climbing up and down rocks. And the boys served us breakfast on the last day, haha. Aw. And then Kenny’s house and playing with his dogs and hanging out with everyone. The drive home was lovely as well. And then, later on in January, Lauren, Christine and I had a nice adventure where we drove down Sunset, and then found Ikea in Carson City and bought my dresser. That same day, my Ed class had to do the Ropes Course, and all I got to do was the zip line because we ran out of time. I was pretty annoyed about that. And that sums up January.

February, Kristen and I went to the Purity Conference at FBC in SLO. That’s when I met Jenny Phan, and Tim, the guy from the Facebook group. That was an interesting experience, haha. The Super Bowl at the Jungle was fun. There’s nothing like watching the Super Bowl with all of your friends when you’re in college, I have to say. February was also shopping for something to wear to Real Life’s Thrift-Store Valentine’s Day Dance Party with Eric and Summer, and me not finding anything. I had pretty much decided not to go, until Summer said that her family was going to be coming for the day, and that her mom had brought another dress that she could fix for me. That was when I first met Summer’s family. Her mom sewed the dress all up and made it so that I could wear it. It was wonderful. Later on that month was Real Life’s Women’s Retreat at Reality. That’s when I met Shea, and I gave her a ride home since she lived in Santa Ynez too. Kinda funny, since now she’s my roommate.

March marked the end of winter quarter. I had horrible finals, with retaking Econ 100A and with Econ 160, at least. It’s funny how, while January and February seem like they were only last week, March feels so far away. March was also spring break, once the final of death was over and done with. I visited Kristen in Tracy and got to ride her sister’s horse, Poco. I hadn’t ridden a horse since that time that Sandy, Richael, and Rachel and I went to this place where you get to ride for like two hours for $30. Riding Poco was much better, haha.

April was the start of spring quarter. I had no idea that spring quarter would be one of those quarters when it’s really hard to concentrate. I can’t imagine what my spring quarter this year will be like, knowing that I’ll be graduating at the end of it (hopefully, haha.) Steph came and visited me the week before Easter, since she was still on spring break, and we drove down to Santa Monica with Gaby and Erandy. April was also the month that Real Life did our What’s the Answer campaign thing. I remember how Kristen and I were in the Arbor and we were supposed to go sharing, and I really didn’t want to. So I said to Kristen, “I wish someone would just ask me about my shirt, so that I don’t have to be the one to initiate a conversation.” And so, someone did. I should have known better, haha. That was cool though.

For some reason I’ve never really liked the month of May. Battle of the Ages was starting up though, so that was an exciting thing. It made me really start to feel like a part of my class, and less like a transfer student. May was also when Gaby, Christine and I went to see No Doubt in concert in Bakersfield. Which means we went to Sonic, too (since we were in Bakersfield, haha.) That was one of the funnest concerts I’ve been to. Gwen Stefani is so awesome. May was also when we went camping for Memorial Weekend, and Christine came home with me and went with us. That was fun because the day before we drove back to SB, we went into the city to eat sushi with Tiff, so that was nice bringing my two friends from sort of my two different “worlds” together.

Finally, the month where my junior year of college would be over. I have to say, I was a little worried about it. My junior year of high school was probably one of my worst years in school, for the most part, and so I wasn’t sure if my junior year of college would somehow be cursed too. Reflecting on having transferred, and meeting all my friends, and realizing that we all only had one more year left together was a nice cap to junior year. Realizing that I am definitely in the wrong major, and learning so much more all because of that made it a little easier to not regret choosing the wrong major. Once school ended, and I was all moved out of my apartment, I drove to Simi Valley to visit Summer, and we went to Disneyland. Oh Disneyland, how I love thee. Starting out my summer with Summer was quite wonderful. Once I got back home home, it was time for summer school at CSM. That was exciting because Steph and I took a class together for the first time ever. Italian in the mornings, but not until we had hung out with Gabriel for a little bit, and then guitar class Monday and Wednesday nights. I finally did something about what I wanted to do, instead of just talk about how much I want to learn to speak Italian or play the guitar.

July always starts out with camping with the family, and this time it was the biggest it ever was. The Goldsteins and the Taylors joined us this year, along with the Chacones and Menas, and Kristen met us there from Tracy, so she got to meet all of the family. That camping trip was definitely epic. By this time, I had discovered that as much as I said that I wanted to learn to play the guitar, I definitely was not committed enough. I hated how the strings hurt my fingers and gave me calluses, and how much I suck at staying in rhythm, and how uncoordinated I am. Needless to say, I did not practice very much.

On August 1, Tiffy Schmiffy and I saw the Fray in concert at the Shoreline (for the second time, might I add.) They are wonderful. I love them so much. That was definitely a good way to start the month. I have always liked the first of the month. I also worked a little bit for CLT for a week while my old boss went on vacation. It was cool to see that even though I hadn’t worked there for a year, once I got back, everything just came back to me too. August was the first time I got summoned for jury duty. Fortunately, I only had to call in and my group was not needed, even though I think it would have been kinda cool to be a juror. I know I’ll have plenty more opportunities though. The second week of August, Steph, my mom, and I took a little vacation, with our first stop in Gilroy for the outlets. We went to San Simeon to go to Hearst Castle, which is wonderful as usual. I hadn’t been there in a while, and it was definitely better going there now that I’m older, since you appreciate it all so much more. We also stopped in SLO and visited Noelle. I hiked Bishop’s Peak for either the third or fourth time in my life with Christopher and almost died, as usual. I told him that in two years I would hike it without almost dying, which gives me until August 2011. I think I can do it.

I remember how long summer 2008 was, and feeling like it would never end. This past summer was shorter, but I still felt like September took forever to arrive. I visited Noelle on my way back down to SB, as I usually do, then got to move in to my apartment early since I helped with move-in crew. September 2009 is when I really discovered Nutella. I had always known about it before, but not the way I know it now. I was a little obsessed with it for a good month. The first weekend we were all back, Summer had her 21st birthday party, which was awesome. Definitely a great way to start senior year. Christine and I also became Bible study leaders, which was exciting, since I had never led a Bible study before.

In October, Summer, Kristen, Gaby, and I went to Magic Mountain on a Monday, since none of us had class on Mondays fall quarter. This month is when home groups started up again. I wasn’t going to join one, and then at the last minute, I decided to, and I’m so glad that I did. I met the best group of people ever. The following weekend was fall retreat for Real Life, and it took forever for Christine and I to get from Goleta to Long Beach. Definitely an adventure and a good weekend, though. For my last Halloween as a UCSB student, I stayed in my apartment all night. Gaby and I went and got pizza and wine and watched Garden State, A Walk to Remember, and Father of the Bride. It was pretty great, I have to say.

Since my dad was going to be in China for Thanksgiving, I decided to go home for the first weekend in November and surprise them. That was fun. On my drive back home, I got a call that I had gotten an on-campus job with parking services–one that I thought I hadn’t gotten since they took so long to get back to me. I had just about given up on my job hunt for the quarter. The following weekend, Summer, Kristen, Christine and I went to Christine’s house, and the next day went to Disneyland. That was wonderful. As usual. The MANsion boys had everyone over for a Thanksgiving potluck, so that was fun. Then home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and this year’s was no exception. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Hayward people came over and mom cooked, so we had our own little Thanksgiving. Then for Thanksgiving day we went to Fairfield. I did have to come back to SB a few days early though, since Summer and I were going to the Switchfoot concert. I drove back from home early morning that Saturday, then got ready and rode to Ventura with Michelle and her people, and Summer met us at CPK. Then off to the Majestic Theatre in Ventura for Switchfoot!!! It was so great. I had never seen them in concert before but have wanted to since I was probably like 15. The next day, Summer and I had a movie marathon/hang-out day. Definitely a great way to end Thanksgiving weekend, and the month of November.

December was an interesting month. It’s been pretty tough. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and was pretty much a bum for a good week. Christmas Eve in Fairfield as usual, and Christmas at my house was pretty relaxing. We just slept in (super) late, got some pizza, opened presents, and then watched It’s Complicated. It was nice hanging out with people I hadn’t seen since pretty much summer. Then the 10th. On the 27th, Kristen drove down from Tracy and we flew out of SFO into LAX. It was so good to see Summer, even though the reason for it was so not. The 28th was Brandi’s memorial. New Year’s Eve at Tiff’s was fun. We had champagne, because we’re classy and we can. Haha. Oh, the joys of being 21. Haha, oh gosh.

So that’s my 2009 in review. It pretty much took all day to write, so I think this year, I’m going to have to do monthly summaries. I wish I could blog out my whole entire life. We were watching home movies the other day, and it was cool to see how things were back then. It’s weird how our parents had these lives before us, and how individually they had their lives before each other. I can’t wait to learn about my future husband’s life before me, and to share mine with him, and then to share that with our kids. Oh life. It’s also weird that I can now look back on ten years and actually remember things that happened. Everyone thought the world was going to end in 2000. Now it’s 2010. I wonder what my life will be like in 2020. That is so weird to think about. We’ll see I guess. Good bye 2009. I am very excited for 2010. I have a feeling that it’s going to be quite the eventful year, and I’m ready for it.

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