Growing up sucks. Graduating college sucks. Now what. I hate that grad programs are so competitive, and that we have to take standardized tests to tell us how intelligent we are. And I hate that personal statements asks us to discuss a certain quality that we possess that makes us so great. What if you’re just a mediocre renaissance woman? I’m not particularly good in any one thing. I’m just ok in a good amount of things. I’m not a brilliant writer, but I’m not too bad either. I’m alright at math. I can make an pretty good speech, but I won’t bring you to your feet or anything. I can sing better than the average person, but I’m not the best out there by no means. I’m pretty friendly, but there isn’t a silver lining to EVERYTHING. I wonder what it would feel like to be more than mediocre–to be the best at something. Would I even know that I was in fact the best at that one thing? And if I didn’t, how do I know that I’m not the best at something right now? Maybe I am. Maybe I’m the best at being mediocre. Haha. Ugh.

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