Jumping Jacks

It’s really funny how true it is that we want what we can’t have. It’s like no matter what, we’re never content. During school time, I just want to be able to sit around and relax and read and watch movies all day long and not have to do anything. Now that it’s winter break, since I got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, that’s ALL I’ve been doing these past few days, and I’m so tired of being a bum. It’s only fun when it’s by choice. Yesterday I was finally able to be a little bit more productive with my life. We finished decorating the tree and I organized the living room. I just hope that I remember this restless feeling once I can finally do normal things again, and that I take advantage of being able to do them, like jumping jacks. No, I don’t really care about doing jumping jacks, but I want to be able to do them if I want to. So yes, I think that’s what I’ll do once my swollen cheeks are no longer weighing me down–jumping jacks.

One thought on “Jumping Jacks

  1. Haha. I'm the same way! Always trying to be a bum when I have homework and am in school and now that I'm out I don't know WHAT to do with myself!

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