Weird 2009

This has been a strange year. For 2009, my New Year’s resolution was to no longer allow myself to feel awkward. Yes, I am aware that that itself is an awkward thing to resolve to do, but nonetheless, I deemed it necessary. For a good part of 2008 I felt awkward almost everywhere I went. And I was done. I didn’t stop being awkward this year, obviously, but I changed the way I allowed it to affect me. Awkwardness didn’t keep me from saying or doing things that I wanted to say or do. For 2010, my resolution is going to be a little different. This past year I discovered how much I like learning random facts. So my tentative New Year’s resolution for 2010 is to learn random facts about each state. So a state a week, starting with the second week in January and ending with the second to last week in December. We’ll see how it goes, but I think I can do it.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday. I thought that it would be way worse than it was. The IV didn’t make me nauseous, dizzy, or sleepy like it does for most people, and neither did taking Vicodin. My cheeks are super swollen and puffy right now, which sucks, but since the Ibuprofen kicked in (finally, after 3 hours), the pain is much more tolerable. I just hope my face changes back, although Christine said that she’d still be my friend even if it doesn’t, so that’s a comforting thought.

Also, I passed all of my classes. Haha. Yes, passed. Whatever; I’ll take what I can get. Dang major. You know how people say to make sure you pick a major that you really do enjoy? I never listened to those people. I figured that I could make myself enjoy whichever major I chose, which I can. But a different major would definitely have been better. I haven’t decided yet if I regret majoring in Business Economics. I don’t regret going to CSM after high school, or transferring to UCSB. I guess I don’t regret my major. I’ve learned so much from being in this major. I haven’t exactly learned what I should’ve learned, i.e. all the concepts of economics, but I’ve learned life stuff. And I’m fine with that.

Oh cheeks. They’re weighing me down–actually making my face feel heavy. I can’t look up or down, so my head is just in this steady straight gaze. I’m such a weirdo. That’s ok though. I’m just glad that it’s over with and that I didn’t wake up mid-surgery or something. Yes, I can be paranoid. Ugh. Dang movies.

Speaking of movies, The Princess and the Frog was simply wonderful. I love Disney.

There are exactly two weeks left in 2009. Years go by so quickly. Although time is relative. For the rest of 2009, I’ll be recovering from my chipmunk transformation, hanging out with friends, and reading. And then winter quarter begins. Oh, school.

2 thoughts on “Weird 2009

  1. What's a random fact about Iowa?

    I don't know if blogs are like this for everyone but maybe one of the reasons you have so few comments is because you constantly have to verify that you're not a spam robot on this thing.

  2. Iowa's oldest continually running theater is in Story City.

    And there you go, haha. I gave up on this resolution, as you can see…

    And yeah, the settings on blogger are defaulted for it to do that, so I changed it and now it's better. Hopefully I don't get any spam comments now though haha.

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